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tv   KRON 4 News at 8  KRON  February 11, 2013 8:00pm-9:00pm PST

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when you bundle tv and internet. (male announcer) live from the kron 4 news station, this is the kron 4 news with a developing
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story. >> pam: new tonight at 8. new information in the manhunt for former l.a. police officer and accused killer of three. christopher dorner. kron 4's grant lodes joins us now with details on where dorner is believed to be hiding and new surveillance video. grant? >> yes, there is a lot of new information there is probable cause that christopher dorner fled to mexico. that's according to a federal arrest warrant filed last week by u-s marshals working the case. the document also says the 33-year old former l-a-p-d officer may have had help alluding police. that associate is identieid only by the illitials jy, and the person has a familty member with property in the big bear area where dorner's truck was found abandoned and burnt. last thursday.
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all this comes as we are seeing new surveilance video that tmz posetd.showing dorner at a scuba diving shop two days before the first two victims were murdered. dorner reportedly got two small, yellow tanks filled with air and left with a larger, black tank. he's said to have paid in cash, and appears to be talking to the cashier.even laughing at times. new at eight: law enforcement that have been impacted in the past are receiving round the clock surveillance and protection. however, the community near big bear is on edge. and u.s. marshals
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say that he could possibly even be in mexico. >> pam: the troubled history of the fairfield barber accused of murdering a 13 year old girl. genelle conway-allen's naked body was found in this park ten days ago. new tonight. we show you the restraining order filed by the estranged wife of anthony lamar jones. and why she said she feared for her life. new tonight at 8. kron four's terisa estacio obtained copies of that restraining order. which was filed just days before genelle conway- allen went missing. >> reporter: in these court documents. jones's estranged wife details several violent episodes - one took place here at the couple's fairfield home. she writes how the two were in the bedroom and quote. he threatened to burn my house down and ruin my credit. he pushed me more than once and he dragged me from the bed by my foot onto the floor. she goes on to say that "he threw an object at me and it missed and broke the bedroom window.
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she adds that jones' mother was in the house at the time and tried to stop her son during his rage. but was not successful. jones estranged wife says she got away by running out the door and down the street with him chasing her. she says she went door to door hoping someone would call police and save her. she says she eventually got away she noticed jones car gone from the driveway. in another instance. she writes. that on the night of january 25th while in the car with him. he turned to her and said "i don't want to scare you but i have a knife and a gun and i don't want to die alone. fearful, that if she returned to their fairfield home. he would kill her. she states that she pulled into a shopping mall and ran into a safeway where she asked clerks to hide her as she called police for help. based on these graphic instances. a judge ordered a temporary restraining order against jones preventing him from coming 100 feet from his estranged
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wife. as well as her parents and the couple's dog. terisa estacio, kron 4 news. >> pam: happening right now in newark. a standoff with a bank robbery suspect inside this e-z - eight motel. you're looking at video of the standoff. from our helicopter partnership with abc 7. it started after that suspect and another. entered a bank of the west in fremont. and demanded money. new tonight at 8..kron 4's reggie kumar reports, one suspect has now surrendered. >> reporter: this location is behind me. you can see police are shining a spotlight. where they believe that this suspect is held up. we have just seen a swat team members get closer to the room with weapons but they retreated. the think
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that this hostage negotiators are speaking to the suspects over the phone. at this e - z hotel he is not being cooperative. this started monday, 3:30 they do not know if this suspect has a weapon. also, investigators will not release the name of the east bank robbery suspects until tuesday. this area has been sealed off. no access is being allowed in they are hoping that this will end peacefully. reggie kumar, kron 4. >> pam: new at 8 a man is mauled by a dog in east oakland. and now neighbors want answers as why a pack of dogs are still in the neighborhood. after the attack. this is a story you'll only see on kron 4 news. reporter, j.r. stone has spent the day talking with neighbors and oakland animal
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control. he joins us live with the latest. jr? >> reporter: >>pam, there are a number of unanswered questions. many people are wondering why this man was booed by a dog and it was even recorded on his cellphone. this bloody arm after he was mauled on in east oakland. >> and was upset. >> reporter: this neighbor watched the entire thing from across the street. it is difficult to see in this video one man is it down on the ground. the neighbors tried to help. there were actually two different men getting attacked. >> there were running back to try to get the talks distracted. so, he was asking for the -- blogs trying to get them- distracted trying to get the dogs distractedthere are a
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number of case but one thing is for sure. a man was bitten on a cell phone. pkg script: a victim's bloody arm after he was mauled by at least one dog on this street in east was upset" neighbor mike jones watched the whole thing from across the street. in this cell phone video it's hard to see but at least one man is on the ground getting mauled by the dogs as neighbors try to help him. jones says there getting attacked. when we arrived in this neighborhood near fruitvale avenue and 27th street all was quiet. jones says the dog or dogs that attacked are still inside this house and have not been taken away. >> there are a lot of children are around this neighborhood and i believe that this is an issue that needs to be >> reporter: i did talk with oakland animal services and they said they did not respond to any calls this afternoon. bitten was the owner of the dogs. either way. now that we've brought it to their attention they are looking into the matter.
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j.r. stone kron 4 news. >> now let's take a closer look at this exclusive video of the dog attack. the action is across the street. one woman hurries to help. you can see one dog, the other is hard to see but it seems like that other dog is attacking the victim. then the dogs run across the street in the direction of the man talking the video. he gets behind a high fence. then the dogs run around before one bolts back across the street. now we'll slow down the looks like this woman grabs a towel or blanket and uses that to help pull the dog off the victim and stop the attack. then across the street.a better view of the dogs.who are both gray.and large. we'll stay on top of this story and let you know what happens with those dogs. >> pam: happening right now-- a heated debate tonight over a new gun store
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in los gatos. many residents say, the store doesn't belong there. the store's owner says. he has even received a death threat. kron4's scott rates is live at city hall in los gatos. with new reaction from residents. scott? >> reporter: they are so passionate about this issue is a packed town hall. they have been listening to open commons. now, they have decided how they want to move forward. carrying signs for and against. and robert chang is the owner and is listening to what all of these residents have to say. >> sporting goods. no basketball, no rackets, no shoes. sporting goods, but not one item to buy for any sports program. >> if there is been any deceit this is squarely on the shoulder of the people who are against this sports
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store. they do not like the second amendment to not like fire arms. they should just come out and say it. >> this is not a place for guns. but why do we need to be one of those places for access to guns. >> this allows access to our rights restricting our rights will adversely impact us as a free society. >> many passionate opinions. the council trying to decide how to move forward. we know that what they want to move forward and as soon as we get an update we will bring you an update. reporting in scott los gatos, scott rates, kron 4 >> jacqueline: 60s and even
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almost low 70's nearly-- flirting with the '70s-68- today in napa. closer to the coast, 60s through half moon bay. temperatures are cooling off this evening. cold conditions and even 44 in fairfield. and vallejo. 45 in half moon bay. we are going to see clearer skies and areas of fog. warm a specially for the north bay. this is a very cold night with areas away from the coast. it is going to be another mild day. temperatures in the 60s in fact they are going to be climbing. we will even see 70's and portions of the bay area. let us take a look at that warming trend. >> pam: ahead at eight-- authorities make a very unusual discovery during a pot bust in vacaville. some big changes could be in
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store for the thousands of bart riders in san francisco. we'll tell you what they are. plus: president obama will deliver his state of the union address. the hot topics he's expected to talk about. next.
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>> pam: vacaville police find a baby alligator during a marijuana arrest in vacaville. the suspected couple - lory and william riley - were booked into solano county jail, after police searched than 50- pounds of marijuana, seven firearms, more than 29,000 dollars in cash. and a 3-foot long baby alligator the alligator was turned over to solano county humane services >> over the past few years, bart has seen its ridership numbers rise dramatically. to accommodate the large crowds. the agency is now considering renovating two of san francisco's busiest
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stations. kron 4's charles clifford shows us what could be in store. >> reporter: on an average day, more than 360 thousands people ride bart. on special event days, such as the giants world series celebration, ridership can exceed 500,000 people. the two busiest stations in san francsico are the embarcadero and montgomery platforms, which can be shoulder to shoulder during rush hour. because ridership is expected to keep going up and because small problems at either of these station can back up the entire system, bart is considering making substantial alterations the changes
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could include adding more elevators, stairways, and possibly putting in sliding glass doors to control flows onto and off of trains. they may also dig new tunnels and add additional platforms to create what are called saddlebag platforms...where people can enter and exit trains on both sides. the renovations would take about 5 years to completed and cost upwards of 600 millions dollars. bart also says that the work could be done without stopping service. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news. >> pam: president obama is now less than 24 hours from delivering his first state of the union address of his second term. kron4's dan kerman has a preview of some of the controversial topics he's expected to discuss. >> reporter: if you own a business or are looking for a job you'll want to tune in because not surprisingly the economy will be the primary focus of the state of the union. the president will talk about job creation, and growing the economy by investing in education, boosting clean energy production and reducing the deficit in ways that don't burden seniors, the middle
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class or the poor it's the president's belief that reducing the deficit must be a balanced approach. one that includes spending cuts and increased revenues. that's why he's expected to talk taxes and those automatic across the board spending cuts, now expected to hit in march and the president will discuss the need to raise the debt ceiling as well. gun control is another key reason to watch the speech since we expect the president to continue his push for universal background checks and a ban on assault weapons relatives of numerous victims of gun violence, plus victims themselves have been invited to the speech and are expected to be in the house gallery. in fact, the family of a chicago teenager who was shot to death last months will sit with the first lady. and if gun control and the economy don't peak your interest. the president is also expected to talk immigration reform, which incudes a pathway to citizenship for 11 million illegal immigrants.. and we can also expect him to talk about his plans for
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the war in afghanistan specifically bringing down the number of troops, which currently stands at more than 60 thousand. dan kerman kron 4 news >> pam: the news came as a shock to the world's one - billion catholics today. the pope is retiring. that hasn't happened in nearly 600 years. as emily schmidt reports, there is already all kinds of debate. on the impact of pope benedict's surprising decision. >> people across the northeast are trying to get back to normal. after a massive blizzard bombarded the area friday. >> after having repeatedly examined my work with god i want to provide the best i can buy per retiring. >> after the church was facing declining popularity and scandals of sexual abuse. they have been under prosecution because of these items. >> we hope that he would use these last two weeks of his
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courage to really make some decisive action that would protect them. >> his predecessor will be decided after he steps down on the jury 28. >> the church, can trace the continuity all the way back to st. peter. we will see that this is a very articulate voice in that community. the retired pope will not be involved but he was briefed on that the decision making. he will likely retire with a reflective life on prayer and meditation in a monastery. emily schmidt, kron 4. >> pam: clean- up efforts are now underway. as residents dig out. and clean up neighborhoods which got buried in snow. snow totals topping three- feet in some areas. and snow banks -- even higher. the storm is being blamed
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for at least 9 deaths. and brought record amounts of snow to some places. >> jacqueline: i bet they would like to see a forecast like ours. even temperatures could be chilly. the afternoon, is going to be nice. clear skies and mild. this warming trend that we're continuing for the next couple of days could bring temperatures to the upper 60s. 70's for portions of the bay area. the fog is forming in the north bay near santa rosa. that is where is expected to be dense. and for the inland valleys. the 8:00 hours, some clearing. with mostly clear skies. sunshine all run the bay area.
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temperatures are going to be chilly. santa rosa. 40's in san rafael, freezing in fairfield. livermore, pleasanton. and 30's in the bayshore. 44 degrees and for the afternoon very comfortable. mainly in the low 60s but we will see 60s. palo alto, cupertino sunnyvale. 60s in san jose. largely 60s with 56 degrees in richmond and closer to the coast a bit cooler. 68 degrees and 69 in napa. we will continue this dry, warm pattered. it is keeping it well to the north and that is where is it will stay. not much rain but we do need it. the average rainfall we could save
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nearly 9 in. of rain fall. six in san francisco. this is where we are sitting with rainfall totals just 1 in. in santa rosa. we really need that rainfall but we're not going to get it with warmer conditions. '70s and cooler. but miles. will talk all about that. >> this new interactive map with the storm that hit the northeast and a whole new way. that is coming up gabe slate tech report >> gary: reformer 49ers/coach does not want to say goodbye. the warriors have new uniforms and what about the sharks?.
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>> pam: crews are assessing the damage in hattiesburg, mississippi after a powerful tornado touched down sunday. at least 18 people were injured in the storm that ripped through several counties. the twister destroyed several homes and damaged businesses. the mayor of hattiesburg says crews from other cities are assisting in the clean- up.
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a new interactive online map lets people see the effects of big weather events -- from the people who are experiencing it on the ground. kron 4 tech reporter gabe slate shows us. in this tech report. these interactive maps will see the social media posting and showing this map based on social media input. you are able to zoom in, zoom out. and explore. you could even see television video-----. that people have posted. this incorporates social media based on
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global pecking based on your phone files. global tracking is being organized and provides this interactive map. open to the public to view. with real- time interactive. gabe slate tech report coming up some people are calling this a series of slashings and this next edition of people behaving badly. . ♪
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>> jacqueline: we are keeping an eye on temperatures it is going to be cold. this warming trend for the afternoon with all of those details, coming up. well, well, well.
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growing up, we didn't have u-verse. we couldn't record four shows at the same time. in my day, you were lucky if you could record two shows. and if mom was recording her dumb show and dad was recording his dumb show then, by george, that's all we watched. and we liked it! today's kids got it so good. [ male announcer ] get u-verse tv for just $19 a month for 1 year when you bundle tv and internet. rethink possible. >> new tonight at 8-- several dozen vehicles were vandalized over the weekend in concord. in multiple locations. residents are now trying to figure out why. stanley roberts looks at what happend and what some residents and saying in this edition of people behaving badly >> i wish they had the guts to do it while everyone was standing in front of them the cowardley away of doing this was just dispicble >> andre is the owner of more then 60 vehicles that
8:35 pm
were vandalized in concord, their tires were puncuted right there, see the air bubble, and right there. it appears that the person may have used an ice pick on each tire all were puncutered two times and in most cases >> they hit all four of my tires and i have no idea why >> this the undercarrage of a hundai that is sitting on 4 jacks again all four tires ruined and this is just this condo complex because a few blocks away even more cars with flat tires this man had11 tires destroyed so far he has spent >> arould 12 13 hundred >> and he is still not done. >> this one had all four my personal vehicle has two the guy next to me had all four on one and two on another while some people are busy calling around shopping for
8:36 pm
new tires so have a different idea >> i just want to catch them forget prosecuting everybody get their own little licks on them yes there are a lot of people whao would just like to get their hands on what some people are calling seriel slasher >> just what happened here happened a second time we hqad something like that two years ago or three years ago the same thing somebody came and slashed all the tires >> and no one has a clue who the seriel slasher is >> i wish we knew because we would chase them down and get them and take them to the police and here you go here's you're guy so for now it's just tow trucks and new tire sales, luckly for some their lost but most of the victims i spoke to have a high deductable so the entire cost will out of there pockets, >> 725 dollars, with this one they are going to charge me 400 dollars >> in concord stanley roberts kron 4 news >> pam: copper thieves, growing ever blamed for snarling traffic around the
8:37 pm
bay area. kron four's rob fladeboe reports on how the the thieves are now targeting metering lights. the metering light from southbound almaden expressway to northbound highway 85 in south san jose has been dark for two weeks. it's one of some 59 such metering lights vandalized across the bay area in the past year. that's $2 million dollars in damage. caltrans crews like this one can't keep up with the thieves who are simply driving around, usually at night, scouting around for these half-buried junction boxes near the metering lights. they then pull the wire from the conduit and sell it to scrap dealers for as much as $4 dollars a pound. in some cases, the light is damaged and must be replaced to the tune of $35-thousand dollars per light to say nothing of the negative impact on traffic without those lights. but caltrans is fighting back. by cracking down on those who buy the stolen copper, by
8:38 pm
asking sellers where it came from. and by doing replacing the copper wire in those metering lights with less vauable aluminum wire and by burying those junction boxes and conduits to make them harder for the thieves to find. caltrans is also calling on drivers to report anything suspicious. in san jose rob fladeboe kron 4 news >> bay area residents experiencing pain at the pump. as gas prices continue to soar. a gallon of gas is now averaging. more than four- dollars. kron 4's justine waldman spoke with experts. who explain when these high prices are expected to even out. now for a look at what bay area drivers are paying today - compared to last month. san francisco is averaging $4.03 - that's up 35-
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cents. oakland drivers are paying $3.96 - that's up 38-cents. and in san jose gas is costing $3.98 -- also up .38¢ will the price continue to go up? they say that yes, because of the switchover to summer blend it should stabilize in the month of march. this will all depend on weather or not there are no more interruptions and gas distributions. they typically peak right before memorial day. stay with kron-4 as we track the pain at the pump. you can also find the cheapest gas in your area, on our website, coming up-- millions of >>
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>> jacqueline: 56 degrees but check out the north bay. santa rosa, the same in napa. low 60s for the inland valleys. we are bracing for another chilly night. temperatures dropping pretty dramatically. 40's through vallejo, and in livermore. we're going to see 30's tonight. here is what we can expect. cold mainly 30's. we're going to continue this warming trend just how warm it is when you get your not going to believe thursday, friday. we will be right back.
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>> breaking news out of
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newark reggie, the police standoff? >> reporter: this ended just a few moments ago. this is video of how it ended let us take a listen. that was the result of after four hours of getting this robbery suspect out. let us take a look at this robbery. after the tear gas was administered, he came out with his hands up. they told him to get down on the ground on his knees. and walt on his knees backwards towards them. they say that there was not a weapon at this point, they say that
8:44 pm
they are glad that this ended peacefully. >> were they able to recover any of that stolen money? >> the details of that have not been released yet. they plan on releasing the names tomorrow. they are still continuing to have this developments out of those. >> pam: thank you, reggie that suspect is now in custody from that bank robbery earlier today. now for today's market update. with the major market indexes near record highs, wall street is taking a pause today. here's a look at the closing numbers. the dow fell twenty- one
8:45 pm
plus -- to 13,971. the nasdaq ended the day at 3-thousand-192. and the s&p mostly unchanged -- at 1517. coming up, sports with gary radnich. [ female announcer ] this is a special message from at&t.
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u-verse tv starts at $19 a month with our triple-play bundle, with the same great price for two years. plus now get two times the internet speed than before. it's a triple-play bundle that's hard to beat -- same great price, two whole years, price promise. [ female announcer ] that has a nice ring to it. [ male announcer ] only from at&t. ♪ >> jacqueline: we saw this warm day but a chilly day tomorrow expected the same as we saw this morning. this warming trend will continue for wednesday, thursday. temperatures in the upper 60s. we do have to get through some fog and frost. it is forming to the north bay. dear ssanta rosa, and
8:48 pm
also, near this area but patchy near fairfield, and for the inland valleys. temperatures are going to be chilly. 30's turn napa, freezing in fairfield. 30's also for the bayshore. with the low 40's near the coast. take a look at the afternoon temperatures. probably a day we would want to go outside and have lunch. 60s for palo alto, cupertino. san jose and mainly 60s for the east bay. 60s in richmond. 60s in livermore, concord. and nearly 70's and san francisco. this will keep us
8:49 pm
dry and warm as we continue to late take a look with upper 60s for most of the bay area. even 70's. it will be chilly but the morning lows will be cooling slightly on the saturday, sunday but very much on the mild side. ♪ >> gary: good evening, everybody. the sharks have had a little bit of a while all they were hitting if wall.. columbus' james wisniewski scores on the power play 2-0 jackets 2nd period/ 2-0 blue jackets
8:50 pm
cody goloubef slaps it in from distance for columbus 3-0 jackets 3rd period/ 5-1 blue jackets blue jackets on the power play again vinny prospal turns on the red light 6-1 jackets battered todd mcclellan 5 game winless streak for the sharks final: 6-2 blue jackets jekyll and what you think? jacqueline --you think? >> jacqueline: i think that they had seven consecutive victories in the beginning that was difficult to keep, that pace. >> gary: with equity and the franchise. . perhaps you are a bit more lenient. but the first sign of trouble? >> jacqueline: with some playoffs if they're not onif they have not had one the playoffs. and i'm surprised. >> gary: some decent time in columbus. the warriors
8:51 pm
before the game with a host houston and today, the warriors unveiled the first modern short-sleeved nba uniforms today harrison barnes did the modeling if you love sports like i do. made by adidas. they feature a form-fitting compression top with sleeves they are supposedly 26 percent lighter than their current jerseys the shorts feature blue pinstripes >> it is a little different because the one thing that separates our uniforms from other sports was the fact that we did not have sleeves. really not paying too much attention to the difference. the team will wear them for the first time on friday, feb. 22 against the san antonio spurs. they'll be worn again on march 8 against the houston rockets and march 15 against the chicago bulls. >> giants fanfest. first
8:52 pm
players report today tens of thousands of giants fans poured into at&t park saturday for the team's annual fanfest spencer was there, and it seems that my son was more interested in his phone. >> nobody expects that we're going to win the world series it is such a process. you move to spring training and all of it that builds up. >> every year transitions into the next year. >> tim lincecum, his hair cut. and what if his name was fred posey? i'm going to
8:53 pm
continue to find to fault with them and as you can count on me. but jacqueline, do you think that he is cute? >> they're now calling in the derrik and a cheater of the west coast. one guy is not coming back. signing with the cincinnati reds reported today for spring national league mvp buster posey who taked about the diffculty in trying to repeat something they a's sign okajima hideki the a's have reportedly signed a minor league contract with free agent pitcher and former all-star hideki okajima today okajima spent 2007-11 with the boston red sox, then with the new york yankees and was released at the
8:54 pm
start of spring training when he failed a physical. the 37-year-old was 1-0 with a 4.32 era seven relief appearances for boston in 2011 and 8-1 with a 2.29 era with triple-a pawtucket. he was an all-star as a rookie in 2007 gaffney rejoins stanford football runing back/outfielder tyler gaffney is leaving professional baseball to make a surprise return to the stanford football team. gaffney ran for 449 yards and seven touchdowns and had 79 receiving yards with another td as a backup to stephan taylor in his junior season. taylor is graduating this year. gaffney played a year for the pittsburgh pirates' class-a affiliate after being drafted in the 24th
8:55 pm
round. utah hires dennis erickson the utah utes have hired dennis erickson as co- offensive coordinator. he is a three-time pac-12 coach of the year, but was fired by arizona state in 2011. he is well known in the bay area for his unremarkable stint as head coach of the 49ers in 2003 and 2004. erickson won national titles in 1989 and 1991 as coach at miami. he has been a head coach at six universities - three of them pac-12 conference schools.
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>> michael beck was in a $1 million contract but michael - vic was instructed by the eagles saying that he was restructuring his contract. and he is going to come back four tens million dollars $10 million-this is your total for next year.
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